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YK-111H Hot Wind Drying Machine
YK-111H Hot Wind Drying Machine

Application :

Be applicable to every kind of food, fruit, vegetable, Chinese herbal medicine, mushroom, fungus, meat, fishing, electronic chemical article…etc.


1. Could solve the problem of the big drying quality differentiation caused by the sun dried unsteady climate.
2. Could avoid dust and toxic waste ash pollution.
3. Could avoid the pollution of mosquito, fly, insect pest…etc.
4. The processing temperature could be appropriately setting according to different material characteristic.
5. Easy operating and maintaining, high efficiency.
6. The specification, cart amount and tray size could be custom – made to meets customer’s need.


TYPE YK-111H-3 YK-111H-6
Dimension(cm) 300× 145× 220 300× 260× 220
Cart/tray 3cart/45tray 6cart/90tray
Tray size (cm) 100 × 62 × 3 100 × 62 × 3
Fan 1HP/ 2sets 1HP/ 4sets
Power Consumption 15 KW 30 KW
Operation temperature Medium~120°C Medium ~120°C

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