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YK-112R Multi-Function Low Temperature Cool Wind Dryer
YK-112R Multi-Function Low Temperature Cool Wind Dryer

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The equipment which are being used in health food, Chinese traditional medicine, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry material, mineral production, electronic production, etc., Industrial waste drying & fixed substances recycling dispose. The process is applicable for treating all kinds of materials such as powder, particle, flake, block, paste and liquid, etc.
If there's difficulties happened in storage and transportation of seasonal and regional agricultural crops. The problems can be tackled by tray-dehydration treatment. Thus the method would be ideal for the purpose of switching your products to money.


1.Operates for 24 hours, Suitable for any location.
2.Keep the materials element, flavor and nutrition.





Type YK-112R
Compressor 2RT
Dimension (cm) 120X97X188
Tray quantity 15
Tray size(cm) 75 X 60 X 2.5
Temperature range 20°C~ 45°C
Power Consumption/Voltage 7.5 KW / 3 ø220 V
Capacity According to different material
Drying process time According to different material, thickness & set temperature.

1.Fan transducer 2.Cart 3.Perforated tray 4.Germicidal lamps 5. Slope pallet
6.Added tray 7.Humidity switch 8.Accessories components

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